Christmas is such a wonderful season of the year! As we pause and reflect upon God’s greatest gift to us, Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world, there swells up within our hearts a longing to help those in need. As you consider your special Christmas gifts and year-end gifts, I would hope and pray that you might think of OUR seminary students. I can think of no greater gift you could make during this holy season than a gift to one of our seminary students who is struggling financially. These are products of OUR churches! Th ey are OUR future pastors that will return home to be appointed to OUR churches, baptize OUR babies, officiate at OUR weddings, preach from OUR pulpits, provide pastoral care for OUR families, and offer words of comfort to OUR loved ones! We cannot allow them to graduate with such heavy indebtedness that will cripple their eff ectiveness the rest of their lives. During the course of this year, many have made memorial or honor gifts. Others have made gifts of stock to minimize capital gains. Some who have reached the age of 70 ½ or older have taken advantage of tax-free gifts from their IRA’s. Some have given an insurance policy that is no longer needed to protect a loved one. Others have made a gift annuity, an amazingly simple way to provide immediate tax savings and guaranteed lifetime payments. Thanks for the great difference you have made! May the joy of Christmas dwell in your hearts, not only at Christmas, but throughout the coming year! Karl K. Stegall