[caption id="attachment_236" align="alignleft" width="199" caption="The Pezek Family"]The Pezek Family[/caption] “When I first started my journey to seminary, I did not know how we were going to make it financially. I had a family with family sized bills to pay, and the cost of seminary was overwhelming. The Stegall Seminary Scholarship helped us make it through some very difficult times. I certainly would not have been able to make it without your support. With your help, I graduated from the Candler School of Theology in 2009, and I have since been serving as a pastor and was ordained an elder in full connection. As generous donors, you made seminary possible for me! You made my career in ministry possible. You made it possible for my current church to have a pastor.You made every baptism and profession of faith that I have experienced, or ever will experience, possible. You will always be a part of my ministry. I thank you so much for your support, and I thank you for continuing to support this great Scholarship program so that other men and women will be enabled to answer God’s call upon their lives.” - Rev. Dan Pezek, Former Scholarship Recipient