[caption id="attachment_572" align="aligncenter" width="284" caption="Photo courtesy of Mary Catherine Phillips"]FUMC, Montgomery[/caption] “It has meant so much to me to have the prayers and the financial support of all of you over the past three years. I hope that you will continue to keep seminary students in your prayers. I also hope that you will continue to financially support them. The difference that you make is greatly needed and appreciated.” - Jenni Hendrix   “ When I first came to Asbury Seminary, little did I realize how difficult the road before me was going to be. There was the stress of trying to balance thousands of hours in classroom assignments with family responsibilities and a part-time job. I have been so fortunate to have been blessed by the Stegall Seminary Scholarship Foundation. Between my second and third year of seminary, I had three major surgeries that required hospitalization, and I remember how faithful God was to provide for us during that time of great financial need. I am so grateful to God for each of you that directed your gifts through the Stegall Seminary Scholarship Foundation. Your generous support is a tangible way that you express God’s love in your own life.” - Ryan Johnson   “Your prayers and support meant so much to me during these past three years at Duke Divinity School. When I entered Divinity School, I thought God was calling me to ministry in the United Methodist Church, but I did not know exactly what that would look like. Your care and support allowed me to prayerfully discern where God has been calling me. I was able to study, to grow, and to learn without worrying about looming debt overhead. I thank God for each of you and for your involvement in this ministry that has enabled me to be able to serve the church.” - Gillian Lisenby Walters   “Your contributions made Candler a possibility for me, but also your frequent presence in notes, visits, and conversations made my time all the more worthwhile. I have enjoyed getting to meet so many of you at the seminary banquets. Those moments would always energize me in the knowledge that I would soon return home to the Alabama-West Florida Conference and be with you in ministry. With your support, this Foundation is strong, and it will continue to aide those whom God calls into ministry for years to come.” - Steve Reneau   "I can say that because of the diligent efforts of Dr. Stegall and the generous donors like you, our financial burdens have been greatly lifted. Without your generosity, we would be facing today great debt that burdens so many that graduate from seminary and enter into a surrendered life of ministry of giving. The irony is that those who go through seminary are not going for the purpose of securing a financially lucrative career. Yet, without generous donors like you continuing to give for seminary scholarship, many future pastors will be hindered for years to come by overwhelming debt that holds them back from serving to their fullest potential. My family and I owe a great debt of gratitude to you for responding to our needs.” - Jonathan Hart