"My worries were replaced with peace and my prayers were answered..I felt sure I was on the right path."

[caption id="attachment_621" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Suzannah and Joe Driver"]The Drivers[/caption]

Suzannah Driver, 23, is a December 2011 graduate of Asbury Theological Seminary (MA degree in Christian Education). She is married to Joe Driver (also a seminary student) and currently lives in Gulf Breeze, Fla. where the couple is working as full time Student Directors. She shares her story of how the Stegall Foundation has changed her life below.

  I grew up in the church, and at a very young age sensed that the Lord had a special calling on my life for ministry. I began working in student ministry at the age of 17 in a Methodist church, and completely fell in love with student ministries. It was during my first job as interim student director that I knew I had a calling to continue this ministry with students. As much as I wanted to continue to work with students after college, I just didn't feel equipped. I had felt the nudge to apply to seminary, but knew that the financial burden would be too much. Nonetheless, I continued to feel the Lord calling me to Asbury Theological Seminary and soon after applied. My husband and I were married in May of 2009, and two weeks later we were in a U-Haul on our way to Wilmore, Kentucky. Without friends, family, or even a job, we stepped out in faith trusting the Lord to provide for us. During the first semester of seminary I was not entirely sure I would even be able to return due to the cost of all of the classes. It was a  difficult season of wondering and praying. Entering my second semester of seminary, only days before the bill for the semester was due, I found out that I had been accepted into the Stegall Seminary Scholarship Endowment Foundation. I was completely overwhelmed with peace and joy. I could simply do nothing to hold the tears of excitement and joy back. My worries were replaced with peace and my prayers were answered. At that moment I felt completely sure that I was on the right path, and the Lord had given me a new family of supporters to walk with me through this journey. It is purely the gracious giving of donors that got me through my seminary education. At times when I wasn't sure how I would pay for the next semester, I would receive words of encouragement along with financial support. I believe that the Lord was especially using these people to be a representation of Him in my life. I'm sure many donors do not realize the incredible gift of education they are giving when they write a check, big or small. Words cannot even begin to express the deep gratitude I have for those who have partnered with me both prayerfully and financially during my time at Asbury Seminary. It is my prayer that more individuals will begin to feel the calling on their life to partner with seminary students as they respond to the call of God on their life. Each financial gift given is just another building block building the bridge for students pursuing their unique calling for ministry. Giving financially is more than just writing a check, it is a partnership with seminary students, and a bond that ties us together as we work towards expanding the Kingdom of God. I'm sure there are still many individuals out there that aren't sure if they should or can respond to the call of God to pursue a seminary education. I would greatly encourage any individual to respond if you feel the calling. If you feel the call of God on your life to pursue a seminary education, know that He will not leave you or forsake you. The Lord has placed a special calling on your life, and all you have to do is step out in faith and count on Him to see you through (be ready to be surprised by all of the ways He will show up and provide!). Know that there is a faith community ready to support you prayerfully as you begin this journey.