A Personal Word From Dr. Karl K. Stegall

One of the common responses that I have received as I have traveled across the Alabama-West Florida Conference, sharing the financial needs of our seminary students, has been the response, “We want to help!” Individuals, churches, Sunday School Classes, Men’s Clubs, and United Methodist Women have all joined our efforts. Because of your response as generous donors, we have been able this year to increase by 60% our minimum distributions that we send directly to all of our seminary students. I can personally think of no greater investment than any of you can make than that of an investment in the life of one of our seminary students. It is not farfetched to think that one of these seminary students will one day show up on the front steps of your church! There will be no greater satisfaction for you than that of knowing that you made a difference in your minister’s life while he/she was in seminary! Will you help us?