Many of our wonderful donors frequently reach out to our seminary students with cards and letters. These seemingly small gestures really connect with the students and help them feel supported and encouraged during stressful times. One current student at Candler School of Theology, Kristen Etheredge, recently wrote to the Foundation to share how much these notes mean to her. She says: "As much as my writing letters to them (donors) helps the Foundation, getting letters and emails from them helps me all the more. Hearing 'thank you for your letter,' and 'we will keep you in our thoughts and prayers' really goes a long way. But reading 'we are proud of you' in a few of these cards/emails really hit me at the core and went straight to my heart. To not have met any of these people before in my life and yet to now feel a real connection with them and to be assured of their support is surely something special. It is a blessing. "By way of a few cards and emails I realized just how authentic and special our donors are for the life of the Foundation and for each of the students it supports. I am blessed beyond measure to have their support throughout this seminary journey." Here are just a few excerpts of letters written to students from donors: "I received your thoughtful letter yesterday. I know how limited your time is, and I appreciate it. I am very thankful that the money we are able to give through the Stegall Foundation is being of help as you move through your seminary days. We are thankful for you and others like you who are answering God's call in your lives to prepare yourself for Christian ministry.....I, and others like me, will continue to think of you and lift you up in prayer as you work toward your graduation and your service to Christ and His church." "In September, we received a sweet note from you. In it you spoke of receiving some of the memorial fund for our late son. Enclosed is a little Christmas gift for yourself. Hope you have somewhere you can put it." "For many, a quality education may require student loans and sacrifice while attending school. Often, ministerial positions are low paying, making it extremely discouraging and difficult for recent graduates to pay back loans and live. For those who are starting a family it may seem impossible. There is such a need for ministers that we were moved to donate to the cause." Thank you to each of our donors. Your prayers and gifts are making a lasting impact in the lives of these students.