Rev. Adam Hamilton recently wrote an article, "4 Steps Toward Vitality"  appearing in the February/March 2012 edition of the Circuit Rider. In it, Hamilton writes, "The single most important key to revitalizing most churches is the shepherd who is appointed to love and lead the flock." Outlining "four suggestions for changes and strategic  initiatives" for the denomination to consider at the upcoming United Methodist General Conference, Hamilton cast a vision for a positive future with hope for the UMC. One of his four suggestions is: "Raise up 2,000 gifted, outstanding young adult clergy to reach new generations." He goes on to explain:

"The Interim Operations Team continues to propose setting aside a fund from General Church apportionments to provide scholarships for gifted young adults to pursue ordained ministry. Many of these young adults are in junior high or high school right now. By the time they graduate from seminary, thousands of our existing clergy will have retired. This one initiative alone could determine whether our church has a future."

The Stegall Seminary Scholarship Foundation agrees. We know that for many, the desire to obtain a seminary degree is met with many financial roadblocks. That is why, through the generosity of our many donors, we exist. Thank you for being a source of hope for not only these students, but for our denomination.