Ryan Martin serves as pastor of the wonderful Liberty United Methodist Church located between Notasulga and  Tallassee on Highway 14 in Macon County.  He will be entering Candler School of Theology at Emory University at the close of the summer.   It is estimated that it will cost him $41,500 each year to attend Candler. This means that over a three year period, Ryan could face $124,500 in seminary expenses.  Among the costs Ryan will face attending Candler will be those associated with tuition, books, lodging, automobile, and gas.  Ryan is a perfect example of why we have  our Seminary Scholarship Foundation. Down through the years, there have been many “Ryans” or “Rachels” all across our Alabama-West Florida Conference who have answered the call of God upon their lives to become ordained ministers within the United Methodist Church. Unfortunately, too many times, they have found it necessary to take out large loans to complete their seminary educations. The end result, for many years, was that many of our seminary graduates found it almost impossible to repay their large loans when they were ?rst appointed to churches with minimum salaries. The good news now is that because of your great support, we are making a signi?cant difference! Each of our seminary students today is fully aware that because of your faithfulness, they are not making this journey alone. Thanks for your caring spirits! Karl K. Stegall