Nearly 350 people gathered on August 9 for the annual Foundation Donor Appreciation Banquet. This year, thanks to  the generosity of two anonymous donors, the banquet was moved to the Renaissance Hotel in downtown Montgomery. The 2012 banquet marked the ?ve year anniversary of the Foundation’s formal establishment.  “I am overwhelmed by the support given to the Foundation throughout the last ?ve years, and before,” said Dr. Karl K. Stegall. “Our donors continue to provide amazing gifts to seminary students and all praise should be given to them. Our donors are the core of this Foundation and I thank God for them every day.” Drew Willis, Duke, “Even with many concerns, seminarians are called to step out in faith going into ministry, trusting that God will place people like you in our lives to welcome us and care for us while we are preparing to spread the Gospel.” Angie Long, Emory,  “Over a few months, I began to grow into a relationship with Jesus Christ. I began to understand myself to be a child of God.   Soon I would also begin to hear God’s call…a call to follow Him.  At 33, married with 2 small children and a full-time career, I had no idea how I could possibly respond to that call.  What I found was a multitude of my brothers and sisters who had answered their call long before me.  What I found was all of you!” Gabe Holloway, Asbury, “We have been loved by some very dear people in this room, complete strangers even.  I would be remiss to not acknowledge that tonight, and say, ‘Thank you.’  I want to thank you for being more than just a generous giver of your  money.  Thank you for being a generous giver of your love, not just to me, and my family, but to all of the other families that you support.” Robin Wilson, former recipient while at Duke, “Because of your faithful generosity, we pastors are able to tell those who enter our offices trembling about everything experiencing God’s call to ordained ministry, ‘There are people who will  support and pray for you, who will want nothing more than for you to share God’s love with the church and the world.’ ” Nathan Attwood, former recipient while at Emory, “I can’t tell you the relief I felt when I went to the post office and  found an envelope…these checks continued to come for three years and paid for food, medicine, diapers, and the basics of life. They made life livable for us.”