To me, the Stegall Seminary Scholarship Foundation is about so much more than financial support. Receiving the generous checks each quarter has been a joyous moment of connection with my home, my conference, and my faith. The simple numbers on each check are not simply signs of my lessened financial burden, but they are signs of the faithful and generous community which has formed me and sent me to this place to serve God and to respond to God’s call. This scholarship has afforded me invaluable learning and serving experiences, but it has also provided me a deep and meaningful connection to home. It has provided a constant sense of inspiration and community. I know that these funds come from people who work hard and give generously, and I even know some of  your names. I will be forever grateful to the staff and donors of the Stegall Seminary Scholarship Foundation. This work is not only for supporting seminarians, but it is also for the building of the Kingdom of God.” - Emily Lutz Montgomery, Alabama Spring 2013 Graduate