The Board of Directors of the Stegall Seminary Scholarship Endowment Foundation is pleased to announce a significant milestone in its mission of supporting seminary students. Following the August 7, 2014 annual Dinner of Celebration, the Foundation reached its initial fundraising goal of $5 million. In the seven-year history of the Foundation, it has simultaneously given away over $2 million to scholarship recipients while steadily working toward the $5 million goal. While reaching the initial $5 million goal marks a turning point in the Foundation, it is nowhere near the end of fundraising efforts. As the number of seminary students from the Alabama - West Florida (AWF) Conference continues to grow, continued donations to the Foundation will be needed if the goal of fully funding seminary education for all AWF Conference students is to be realized. “We are beginning to see significant differences our Foundation makes upon those who are discerning the call of God upon [caption id="attachment_1686" align="alignright" width="200"]Dr. Karl K. Stegall speaks during the 2014  Dinner of Celebration. Photo by Luke Lucas. Dr. Karl K. Stegall speaks during the 2014 Dinner of Celebration. Photo by Luke Lucas.[/caption] their lives,” says Dr. Karl K. Stegall, Foundation President. “This initial $5 million milestone is a testament to the vision and tireless effort of many donors and supporters.” “I share my deepest thanks, on behalf of the entire Board of Directors, to all those who have and are partnering with the Foundation in this great cause,” says Dr. Stegall. “To God be the Glory!” The 2014-2015 school year brings the Foundation its largest class of beginning seminary students yet. The Foundation will support 42 students in total this school year, which is an annual record for the largest number of students supported in one year. “All of these exciting statistics translate to an increased need for additional gifts,” says Dr. Stegall. Full-time, on-campus students receive a minimum scholarship of $10,000 per year, with part-time and online students receiving lesser amounts. On September 1, quarterly checks totaling $80,000 were mailed to seminary students. Of special note this school year is the fact that the Foundation is supporting more and more young seminary students. The 2012 General Conference of The United Methodist Church has placed a special emphasis on the culture of call among young clergy, by establishing The Young Clergy Initiative. The Stegall Foundation, through its many faithful donors and supporters,  seeks to address the problem of an expected United Methodist clergy shortage in the near future.