Dauphin Way UMC Logo Dauphin Way United Methodist Church recently presented the Stegall Seminary Scholarship Endowment Foundation with a $15,000 donation in support of seminary students. On behalf of the congregation, co-senior pastors Rev. Robin Wilson and Dr. Jeff Wilson invited Dr. Karl Stegall to preach at the church on Thanksgiving Sunday, where an annual offering for missions is taken. Following that Sunday’s service, Dauphin Way UMC collected donations from church members who were moved by the financial struggle of seminary students in the Alabama – West Florida Annual Conference. [caption id="attachment_1786" align="alignright" width="120"]Dr. Jeff Wilson Dr. Jeff Wilson[/caption] “Since our first days on his staff (at First United Methodist Church of Montgomery, Ala.), Karl has been a friend, mentor, coach, supporter, and role model for us,” said Dr. Jeff Wilson. “Since Dauphin Way UMC has a long tradition of receiving a special Thanksgiving Offering for Mission, we thought this would be the perfect way to share the work of the Stegall Foundation with our church family.” The church found many ways to publicize the ministry of the Stegall Foundation prior to the Thanksgiving Sunday service. They publicized the upcoming offering in their weekly church newsletter, as well as in their bulletin. “They went the second mile to ask me to pass out Foundation brochures and say a word about our work for seminary students at each of the morning worship services,” said Dr. Stegall. “Robin even gave a testimony in support of the efforts of the Foundation. That personal connection is fundamental to our work.” A product of the Alabama – West Florida Conference, Rev. Robin Wilson knows too well the struggle students face to stay connected to home while in seminary. “To our students who are struggling with family issues, finances, student appointments and more, these scholarships remind them that while they may be away from home, they are not alone,” she said. “We are the cheering section, support team, and prayer partners to these students.” [caption id="attachment_1787" align="alignright" width="120"]Rev. Robin Wilson Rev. Robin Wilson[/caption] Robin also has a very special connection to donations made to the Stegall Foundation. Upon her father’s death in September of this year, her mother made the choice to request memorial gifts be given to the Stegall Foundation. “I was moved,” said Rev. Wilson. “My mother told me, ‘What better way to share his faith, than to continue to support those who are called to share it? It is what he would have chosen.’” Dr. Stegall welcomes invitations to speak at churches across the Alabama – West Florida Annual Conference. Please email stegallscholarship@gmail.com to find out about scheduling a time for your congregation to hear firsthand about the work being done to support the future ministers of our conference. The sermon Dr. Stegall delivered at Dauphin Way UMC on Thanksgiving Sunday may be viewed online here.