Dan Lindsey, Sr. receives Foundation Appreciation Award [caption id="attachment_1887" align="alignright" width="225"]Mr. Dan Lindsey, Sr. pictured with his wife, Kate. Mr. Dan Lindsey, Sr. pictured with his wife, Kate.[/caption] (Montgomery, Ala.) On behalf of the board of directors, Dr. Paulette Thompson presented the fifth annual Stegall Seminary Scholarship Endowment Foundation Donor Appreciation Award to Mr. Daniel Lindsey, Sr. of Montgomery, Ala. during the 2015 Dinner of Celebration on August 6. The award is presented annually to someone whose insight, guidance and support have furthered the Foundation’s ability  to respond to the needs of our seminary students. In presenting the award, Dr. Thompson said, “As we come to this annual banquet  to celebrate the progress the foundation has made and to be inspired by the stories and courage of our students, we also come mindful that the foundation is dependent on all of us doing what we can, while we can. Tonight’s recipient has modeled that for us” Before revealing the identity of the award recipient, Thompson shared with those in attendance about his life. “Early on, he embraced the value of working hard for your dreams and recognized the importance  of financial resources in making those dreams come true,” she said. “His heart was captured by the possibility of the Stegall Foundation, and he did what he could, while he could.” During the early formation of the Foundation, Lindsey lended his CPA expertise to the foundation, and shepherded it through the legal and financial first steps. He shared his passion for the Foundation with others he came in contact with, and inspired them to also give and become involved with the mission. “He has been a connector, a contributor, and a passionate advocate for the Stegall Foundation,” said Thompson. A graduate of Auburn University, Lindsey was a CPA and became a principal at Jackson Thornton, where he worked for 45 years. Simultaneously, Lindsey served in civic and church leadership positions. In his home church of 52 years, Whitfield United Methodist Church of Montgomery, Ala., he served in almost every leadership capacity a lay person could. He also proudly served as a member of the Stegall Foundation Board of Directors until Alzheimer's disease prevented his continuance. In accepting the award, Lindsey was honored by the over 400 guests with a standing ovation. The award was accepted on his behalf by his son, Daniel Lindsey, Jr. He was also joined at the banquet by his wife, Kate; their daughter, Molly; a host of grandchildren; and many other family members and friends. Accepting the award, Lindsey, Jr. said, “On behalf of my dad, my mother, and our family we want to express our most sincere thanks and appreciation for this special honor for my father. I truly wish that Dad could express his gratitude for all of you, for your generous and unceasing support of this Foundation.” “I don’t know exactly what Dad would say tonight, but I think it may would go something like this, ‘...I don’t really deserve any special credit,’” said Lindsey, Jr. “‘Thank you to all of you, who have so generously supported the foundation over these many years,’” he envisioned his father saying. “‘Don’t grow weary of doing good.’” Reflecting on what his father would have said in closing, Lindsey, Jr. ended his remarks with the following: “Knowing my Dad, he would definitely challenge us all  to consider digging a little deeper, renewing our commitment to this foundation and continuing to support these seminary students.” Then he added, “I also believe my dad would finish out by saying that anything he’s accomplished, he owes much of it to his wife of 55 years, Kate.” [gallery size="medium" columns="2" ids="1858,1857,1856,1855,1854,1853,1852,1851"]

All photos from the Dinner of Celebration on this page graciously provided by Luke Lucas.