The Stegall Seminary Scholarship Foundation is now pleased to offer convenient direct debit for your automatic contributions.  Many churches and nonprofit organizations are already using direct debit, and it has proven to be a safe and reliable way to set up recurring donations. Stringent measures are being used by both the bank and the Foundation to ensure that security and confidentiality are in operation and adhered to at all times.  No personal information will be obtained.  The only information that is required to set up direct debit is the same information that can be found on your check. This useful tool is being offered at no fee to the Foundation.  The direct debit process has many benefits. Among them are:
  • Allows supporters to make a commitment about their giving to the Foundation in advance;
  • The convenience of not having to worry about writing a check or remembering to mail in a donation;
  • While out of town, your contributions are still being made to the Foundation.
If you would like to begin making monthly or other regularly-scheduled donations to the Foundation, we ask that you please consider this safe and simple option. When you are ready to set up your recurring contribution to the Stegall Foundation, please contact Mrs. Rachael Quinn at with any questions and to initiate the setup process. Thank you for your loyal support of our students!