By Dr. Karl K. Stegall [caption id="attachment_95" align="alignright" width="142"]Dr. Karl K. Stegall Dr. Karl K. Stegall[/caption] As Christmas draws near, I wanted to share with you two specific reasons why I would strongly encourage you to support students, sent forth from OUR churches, and they greatly need and deserve our support.
  1. It costs approximately $42,000 a year for a full-time student to attend Asbury, Emory, Duke, or Wesley where our seminarians are enrolled. In addition to their basic expenses associated with tuition, books, food, lodging, and transportation, there are always unanticipated expenses. Several of our students are married with children that require medical attention and supplies for school. Some of our seminary students in the past have taken out loans up to $100,000 to complete their seminary educations. Your generous gifts will greatly reduce the amount of  money our students have to borrow. These students that you are supporting will one day be returning to OUR Alabama-West Florida Conference to serve as OUR ordained ministers.
  2.  There has never been a time in the history of our world when Christians more desperately need effective clergy to share the glorious message of Jesus Christ. Like Isaiah of old, we are living in a time of great darkness. Bad theology is rampant, and a myriad of voices all over the world are spreading fear and hatred, resulting in horrific acts of violence. Just like the time of Isaiah, people are longing for the light of Jesus Christ that will point us to a better way, a nobler way, and a safer way. Our world longs for the message of Christ filled with love, grace, forgiveness, and only lasting peace!
When you invest in the lives of our seminary students and their education, you are investing in the transformation of the world. Effective clergy with good theology that are passionate about Jesus Christ can help change the world, one life at a time. Jesus Christ is our only Hope!