[caption id="attachment_2005" align="alignright" width="150"]Presenting the check to Dr. Stegall on February 8 were the Reverend Reams, pastor, and Gloria Davis, church treasurer. Presenting the check to Dr. Stegall on February 8 were the Reverend Reams, pastor, and Gloria Davis, church treasurer.[/caption] The Kingswood United Methodist Church in Mobile recently presented the Stegall Seminary Scholarship Foundation with a gift of $22,738.59. This donation represented the earnings from a bequest that was left to the church by John Howard and Frances Dunagan for the purpose of supporting seminary students from the Mobile area. “The people of Kingswood United Methodist Church felt strongly that the gift with which we had been so graciously entrusted could be maximized by joining it with the Stegall Foundation,” said the Reverend Joe Reams, senior pastor. “Along with a dedicated Board of Directors overseeing and directing the gifts, the Foundation has a bona fide process already in place to determine the needs of seminary students from the Mobile area. This was appealing to our congregation, as we know that the money will be used in the most effective ways to benefit seminary students who will serve our Annual Conference for years to come. By partnering with the Stegall Scholarship Foundation, we were able to both honor the wishes of the family that originally left the money to the church, while benefiting from the strength and organization of the Foundation. Our decision to channel these funds to the Stegall Scholarship Foundation was a direct response to our connectional nature as a church. The goal of supporting seminary students is not only our goal at Kingswood, but the goal of our entire Alabama-West Florida Conference. We are grateful as a congregation to participate in such a historic enterprise for our Conference and Church.” “I am extremely grateful to Rev. Reams and the good people of Kingswood United Methodist Church for this most generous gift to seminary students,” said Dr. Stegall, foundation president. “Joe has a great vision for his congregation, as well as for the larger church. His outstanding ministry has produced much fruit, and this latest effort will supply support for seminary students in years to come."