17 By Dr. Karl K. Stegall Joseph Newton once said, “Only God could have thought of Christmas. While it is so simple, it is yet profound. While it is homely, it is still heavenly. Christmas is truly God’s gift to all humankind.” As we focus our eyes upon God’s gift to us in Jesus Christ during this holy season, we are inspired to share our gifts with others. In light of this, let me encourage you to consider a special gift for our seminary students that will make a huge difference. What makes a year-end gift to our seminary students such an attractive option?  
  1. We have a record number of 47 students enrolled full-time in seminary this December, and many of these students, especially those with children, feel great financial strain during this time of the year.
  2. Every penny of your gifts will be mailed directly to these students where each will feel the full impact of your generosity.
  3. One of these 47 seminary students will most likely serve one day as the pastor of your church. Your investment in your future minister’s seminary education will reduce significantly the amount of indebtedness that he/she will have accumulated when he/she is appointed to your church.
  4. The more you give, the more our seminary students receive! When our Seminary Scholarship Foundation began in 2007, we were giving $1,200 a year to each full-time student. In direct response to your great generosity, we have moved from giving $1,200 a year to $10,000 a year to each full-time student. Since it costs approximately $40,000 a year to attend a seminary full-time, we would love to continue increasing our cash scholarships to each student each year. With your generous support, this dream can come true!
  5. In a world that is hungry to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ, I do not know of a greater investment that you can make than that of investing your financial resources in those who are preparing for a lifetime of service to Jesus Christ and the church.
Brenda and I wish for each of you a joyous Christmas and a Happy New Year! [caption id="attachment_2254" align="alignleft" width="150"]Brenda and Karl Stegall Brenda and Karl Stegall[/caption]