[caption id="attachment_2734" align="alignright" width="300"] Bishop David W. Graves. Photo by Luke Lucas[/caption] “The Stegall Seminary Scholarship Endowment Foundation is one of the vital ministries of the Alabama-West Florida Conference, as they provide financial resources for future clergy to serve our churches. The Foundation is paving the way for our future clergy to graduate from seminary or course of study without incurring debt. It is a wonderful partnership of both clergy and laity sharing resources to insure vital congregations throughout the Conference. This ministry allows those called into ministry to proclaim Christ throughout the Alabama-West Florida Conference and to the ends of the earth for generations to come. Your gift large or small contributes to the growing endowment which will keep on giving long after you graduate to Heaven. I thank all of those who have given to the Stegall Foundation and encourage each person and church in the Alabama-West Florida Conference to give as he or she is able. Through your gifts, you join one of our Conference priorities in creating a culture of call to ministry.” -Bishop David W. Graves