Jule Wilson Willis Perry

Jule Perry spent the vast part of her 100 years upon this earth as a faithful member of Court Street Methodist Church and First United Methodist Church of Montgomery. She was a graduate of Sidney Lanier High School, George Washington University, and Sophie Newcomb College. From the inception of our Scholarship Foundation in 2007, Jule was a very generous supporter of our seminary students on a regular basis. As she came near the end of her life, Jule included our seminary students within her financial plans. She fulfilled her desire to leave a tithe of her estate to our Seminary Scholarship Foundation and First United Methodist Church.

Her daughter, Carol Ballard, presented our Scholarship Foundation a generous gift on behalf of her mother on February 14, 2019. The monies have been deposited to establish the Jule Perry Scholarship for seminary students, and the earnings each year will be given to one of our worthy seminary students in loving memory of this faithful servant.