The Stegall Seminary Scholarship Endowment Foundation is pleased to announce that a record number of 15 recipients graduated from seminary in May.

Pictured are classmates Lucas Tribble and Kristen Curtis Wright as they celebrate their graduation from Candler School of Theology on May 13, 2019

Of these 15 graduates, 12 are either continuing in current appointments or beginning new appointments within the Alabama - West Florida Conference this July. Of the three other students, one will be part of a chaplaincy program and two others are continuing their post-seminary education.

Throughout their multi-year seminary journeys, our faithful donors have significantly invested in these 15 students through financial gifts, as well as spiritual gifts. This extravagant generosity has made a tremendous difference, allowing our scholarship recipients to graduate from seminary with far less debt than students from other United Methodist Conferences.

“When new pastors are not shouldering an overwhelming load of debt, their ministries are able to begin on a note of peace and confidence,” says Dr. Jeff Wilson, District Superintendent of the Montgomery-Opelika District. “The positive effects of the Stegall Foundation’s scholarship support is felt not only by the pastor, but also by the congregation he or she serves.”

The two-fold mission of the Stegall Foundation is to encourage young men and women to consider God’s call upon their lives to enter the ordained ministry, and to provide financial support of those who respond to God’s call by enrolling in seminary and preparing for a lifetime of service to Jesus Christ and the church. These 15 graduates are a celebration of the faithfulness of the donors who joyfully share our mission. To God be the Glory!