The Stegall Seminary Scholarship Endowment Foundation annually presents a “Spirit of the Foundation” award to honor a donor(s) who has shown faithful commitment to the mission of the foundation. The 2022 recipients of this award are Ginny and Eddie Adair of Montgomery, Ala.

Ginny and Eddie are natives of Birmingham, but moved to Montgomery in the 1970s as Eddie later became the President and Chief Operating Office of Durr Fillauer. In recognition of the great leadership he has given within the corporate community, he was named by the University of Alabama to their “Business Hall of Fame.” Together they have two children, Charlie and Emily, and five grandchildren.

Long before the Stegall Seminary Scholarship Foundation came into existence in 2007, a small  group of men and women at First United Methodist Church of Montgomery began meeting in the 1980s to support seminary students. That faithful group, which would help to launch the foundation, included Ginny and Eddie.

There is a saying, “We stand on the shoulders of those who have gone before us.”  The success of the Stegall Foundation over the past 15 years can be credited to many humble individuals, just like the Adairs. Thank you to Ginny and Eddie for your many years of faithful support!