If you had asked me five years ago if I thought I’d be completing a Master of Divinity at Asbury Theological Seminary next year, I probably would not have been able to control the laughter that would have ensued; yet, here I am. Next year marks the end of the line for me, and I could not be more excited to see all that the Lord has planned! My time at Asbury has contained many joys, some sorrows, times when my mind was completely blown in the best way(s), and times when I felt like I just could not write one more paper. When I began my first semester, I remember receiving an assignment to, “Submit a précis on Brueggemann’s Suggested Typology and Function of the Psalms.” Needless to say, I did not sleep at all that week. Now I rejoice in learning that it is only a 25-page final paper. I can see how God has been and continues to be present through it all. The Lord continues to be the Good Shepherd of both the hills and valleys.

James and Autumn

At the beginning of this year, I accepted a position at my home church, Harvest Church, in Dothan, AL as the Pastor of Ministries and Young Adults Pastor (ages 18-25). I have been so blessed by the leadership of Harvest Church, namely: Ralph Sigler (lead pastor), Keith Frith (executive pastor), and Joel Sigler (youth pastor). Joel was a huge reason I decided to go to Asbury, and I do not regret one moment of heeding his wise counsel. Even though I still have one year left, I am already utilizing the skills and resources provided through my education at Asbury in ministry. I am also relying on the gifts and graces that the Lord has given me to equip the Body of Christ for His service.

Shortly after finding my footing in my new role at Harvest, my wife and I welcomed our daughter, Autumn Reign Harvey, on April 1, 2022. She weighed seven pounds and three ounces. We always get the question, “How does James (our 3-year old son) like his baby sister?” He absolutely loves her. Admittedly, at first, James was less than thrilled. In fact the very mention of another sibling sparked uncontrollable sobbing and pleas to “Just send it back ...pleeeeeease.” However, that all changed once James saw his little sister. The look of wonder filled his face. We can now say that he truly loves his sister and we are delighted.

It has only been by the grace of God and your generous gifts to the Stegall Seminary Scholarship Foundation that I have been able to make it this far. My family and I are so thankful for your heart to bless seminary students as a whole, and we are particularly thankful for your donations toward assisting us. Please know that every penny that you give to the Stegall Foundation is making a difference. I know that I would not have been able to attend seminary without the blessing of this organization. Thank you so much! May the Lord continue to bless and keep you!