Since 2018, the Stegall Foundation has supported Course of Study students from the Alabama - West Florida (AWF) Conference. Both full-time and part-time local pastors are now eligible for scholarships to help offset the cost of the basic and advanced program. Applicants for full-time scholarships must be enrolled in an on-campus program and serve a full-time pastoral appointment within the AWF Conference. Qualifying students are eligible for up to $1,500 per year in cash reimbursement upon successful completion of coursework.

Part-Time Local Pastors attending course of study classes and serving a part-time pastoral appointment within the AWF Conference are eligible for a $200 per course cash reimbursement upon successful completion. The scholarship is available for up to four classes per year to qualified students for a maximum annual award of $800 (or $1,000 for five classes, only with special approval).

Applications are reviewed by the Stegall Foundation Scholarship Committee on a regular basis, and may be found online at stegallscholarship. com. We are proud to continue supporting these ministerial students seeking to live a life of service and witness.